DESSA UNI Roof is a lightweight modular temporary roofing system that can be erected on a range of general purpose scaffolding beams, available in 40cm, 70cm, 78cm and 133cm depths and lengths of 1m to 6m.

UNI Roof utilises a high capacity aluminium structure and PVC sheeting depths, offering unrivalled span versus cost solution for your temporary roofing requirements. Components are multi-purpose and are fully compatible with tube and fittings and all modular system scaffolds in a variety of applications.


  • Mono or duo-pitch roof configurations.
  • Durable PVC sheeting firmly secured in Keder tracking.
  • Safe erection using roll-out method.
  • Split or staggered bays easily achieved.
  • Keder tracks slide into position, giving safe and quick assembly.
  • Unique alloy tracking spigot to improve joint stability between tracks.
  • 18 degree pitch, efficient water dispersal and no ponding.
  • Individual bays easily opened, allows access for craned materials.


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