The ASTERIX roof is a lightweight, modular temporary roofing system, utilising multi-purpose aluminium beams. There are two variants to the ASTERIX beam – ASTERIX, which is 75cm deep and can be joined to other 75cm deep beams on the market and ASTERIX HD 133cm deep, the strongest scaffold fitting friendly beam available. Virtually all projects involving the use of banks of 4 or more beams will be more cost effective on a first use by using ASTERIX HD beams.

The ASTERIX beam ranges offer unrivalled strength capability and are compatible with tube and fittings and/or modular system scaffolds. DESSA roofing systems utilise a high capacity aluminium structure and PVC sheeting depths, offering unrivalled span versus cost solution for your temporary roofing requirements. Components are multipurpose and are fully compatible with tube and fittings and all modular system scaffolds in a variety of applications including freestanding shelters, temporary buildings, railways, building encapsulations, site protection, archaeological digs, rock concerts and events.


  • Higher load bearing capacities than any other tubular beam.
  • 8 hole spigot for strength.
  • Available in 0.55,1,2,3,4m lengths from stock. 5&6m lengths available by special order.
  • 18 degree, 12 degree and 6 degree ridge beams available.
  • All chords and posts manufactured in traditional scaffold tube size.
  • Vertical posts are provided each 1m on all beam sizes.
  • All posts have collar to enable snap on plan brace to be used as part of the DESSA UNI roof system –eliminates K frames.
  • Consistent diagonal node spacing when multiple beams are joined.
  • Closed end beams so whole length can be used for support unlike other 750 beams where end support has to be set in 0.5m each side, effectively wasting 1m of beam each time.
  • Joined using simple spigots & quick release spring clips.
  • Suitable for use with DESSA UNI Roof any other existing roof systems.


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