Customer focus and industry experience enables DESSA to offer a high level of customer service along with a full range of technical, product and site support services.

Take a look at some of our case studies below for examples of what we can do to help you.

Asterix HD Beams
Brussels, Belgium

The client required a scheme that would allow access for bridge replacement works whilst maintain...

UNI Roof
Paris, France

Notre Dame de Paris is currently known worldwide due to the disastrous fire that took place in Ap...

Asterix HD Roof
Dampierre-en-Yvelines, France

DESSA provided roof validation and supplied a parts list for this large span staggered bay...

Transportlaan, Belgium

This project required a temporary public access bridge over an existing roadway. DESSA

Bartlow, UK

The first outing for DESSA Deepflow™ tracking which has had great success since being in...

D-Series Beams
Enghein, Belgium

DESSA provided a design and supplied its beam and braces for this project. This ...

Lowood, Scotland

DESSA were engaged by the customer to design a suspended scaffold solution, which allowed ...

UNI Roof
Antwerp, Belgium

Free-standing scaffold provided to house the on site container lifting plant. Full 3D design comp...

Carterton, UK

Using DESSA’s Asterix HD Roof, this scaffold was designed to be freestanding with co...

UNI Roof
Kortrijk, Belgium

Exhibition roof provided on DESSA Trax UB to demonstrate product and ensure weat...

Strensham, UK

Using DESSA’s Asterix HD Roof, the scaffold was designed to be freestandin...

Altrix Roof
Montauban, France

Altrix roof erected using the DESSA beam support assembly, with a 36 degree pitc...

Ford Castle, UK

DESSA designed and supplied two Asterix HD beams spans in line with the full sit...

Altrix Roof
Paris, France

Exhibition roof provided complete with DESSA beam support assemblies. Bespoke cl...

Altrix Roof
Sanofi, France

Crane built Altrix roof providing weather protection to the building below.

UNI Roof
Borgerhout, Belgium

DESSA were given the challenge on this project to provide a scaffolding solution...

UNI Roof, sysTRAX, 450 alloy series
Temse, Belgium

DESSA were engaged to design a scheme for the bridge refurbishment works. Careful planning...

UNI Roof
Battersea, UK

Bespoke design of 9 degree ridge beam, working in conjunction with 2no. 18 degre...

Asterix HD, Ranger Stair
Derby, UK

DESSA provided the design of the temporary roof for the refurbishment works at the histori...

UNI Roof
Cambridge, UK

For ease of build and to suit the building contour, DESSA designed and supplied ...

D-Series Beams
Jedburgh, UK

D78 beams arranged and connected to form a box beam to house ducting over a larg...