The RANGER™ stairs system is a quick and easy alternative to ladders. Articulating stair units are designed to suit system and traditional scaffolds and are ideal for longer scaffold projects where a solid stair case is more desirable. RANGER™ stairs offer a flat packing functionality, allowing for ease of storage / shipping / transportation giving time, labour and cost saving options.

Other design features include integrated guardrail sockets within the tread, avoiding protruding elements on the outer edge of the stair and an integrated locking mechanism within the footplates, which can be engaged to lock the stair using a scaffold spanner.


  • Easy installation by locating into guardrail sockets
  • Non-handed assembly – avoids stock and installation confusion
  • Two separate length modules – to be used across all length ranges
  • Lightweight and beneficial in storage
  • Orientates along the same angle as stair assembly unit
  • Scaffold tube hooks with built in anti-uplift – sit flush with tube to allow scaffold boards to pass over
  • Slab connector brackets can engage with solid slabs using bolts through pre-drilled holes


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