DESSA provided the design of the temporary roof for the refurbishment works at the historical Derby Market Hall. This roof exhibited two of our main rolling roof components, TRAX UB and TRAX Tube Holder, working together to ensure a safe and successful roll out of roof from a safe stepped gable end scaffold.
These were supported in the main by a bank of 12 Asterix HD spine beams for the full length. DESSA also supplied kilometres of beams for the internal scaffold works and its RANGER stair units to provide essential access to the upper internal levels.

Date: August 2018
Duration: Still installed
Customer: TRAD Hire and Sales
Provision: Design and Supply
System: Asterix HD Roof, 450 Series Beams, Asterix Series Beams, RANGER Stair
Span: 2x21m Monopitch Roof, 5m Duopitch Roof
Build Method: Rollout, TRAX UB and tube holder