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Do DESSA provide any anchoring solutions?

We provide a variety of components that can provide anchors such as bolted top plates and offset shear anchors. We also provide design and manufacture services on any component to achieve the desired anchor solution.

Can UNI Roof bracing be used for lacing and bracing of beams?

Complimentary lacing and bracing kits can be obtained for a number of our beam series. Use of these kits minimise weight and assembly times.

How can I work out the erection time of a roof?

As a general rule of thumb, you can expect four experienced operatives to achieve 250m2 in the first day of operation, with 400m2 each following day.

How do we seal the gap between sheet and ground when terminating a sidewall sheet?

Sheets can be fitting with “mud flaps” which provide additional coverage outside of the tensioning line. Our plastic Keder profile is ideal for sealing the Keder flaps to each other.

Do DESSA provide components to continue roof sheeting down the outside standard of a scaffold?

We provide a series of tracking couplers to achieve this. These connect to standards or ledgers to provide connection points for vertical or horizontal sheet tracking.

Do DESSA provide coloured sheets?

We can provide sheeting in a wide range of colours. For a specific colour please contact us via our online form or contact info@altrad-dessa.com.

Why use DESSA’s sheet tensioning bar instead of scaffold tube?

The tension bar features pre-drilled holes for locating the sheet pulling bar assembly and is colour-coded for easy recognition on site.

What sheeting types do DESSA offer?

DESSA offers three main types of roof sheet:
• 360 gsm for light-weight single use operations.
• 610 gsm standard offering.
• 910 gsm for heavy duty requirements.
These can be supplied in roof sheets, valance sheets, gable sheets, wall sheets and so on.

I want to build a rolling roof, what are my options?

We offer a multitude of runway and castor options. sysTRAX™ and TRAX UB can be used as a heavy duty solution with integrated anti-uplift. Trax tube holder can be used to make best utilisation of scaffold tube and fittings.

Do you supply guttering for your roofs?

No. We supply a gutter support bracket to enable a timber eaves board to be installed along the length of the roof to which off-the-shelf rainwater goods can be used. Gutter sizing is subject to calculation and can vary according to duration, location, inclination and down-pipe frequency. Gutter design should be verified by a competent Engineer.