DESSAlok scaffolding system is a universal and versatile modular scaffold which is suitable for all scaffold types including independents, façade, birdcage, hanging, as well as grandstand seating sub-structures, stairtowers, temporary roofing supports, shoring and falsework.

The DESSAlok system can be adapted to both rectangular and non-rectangular ground plans, including curves, inclines and circles. Horizontal members of the DESSAlok system are available in increments of 0.50m ranging from 0.50m to 2.57m. A range of telescopic members are also available to achieve infinite variations and application.

Each rosette allows up to eight connections, both horizontally and diagonally. All horizontals and diagonals have special rigid connecting heads at their ends with built-in wedges. This allows quick, safe and easy connection to the vertical standards. The result is a connection with significant nodal rigidity. All steel parts of DESSAlok system scaffold are hot-dip galvanized. This means as little time as possible is spent on maintenance and repair.


  • Minimal parts
  • Integrated fixings, all without spanner
  • Easy to handle
  • Light in weight
  • Permits staircase access
  • Combines the speed of a rosette and wedge system with the versatility of scaffold boards.
  • Utilises existing stocks of tube, fittings and boards
  • Scaffold the maximum area with the minimum quantity of system components.
  • A high quality product, manufactured and designed specifically to meet the needs of the British scaffolding industry.
  • Guardrail height from top of platform to top of guardrail exceeds minimum distance of 950mm and headroom exceeds 1.90m.
  • Scaffold boards fit perfectly over wedge and rosette making the main platform completely free of obstructions.
  • Perfect corners acheived without overlapping scaffold boards.
  • All standards are supplied with bolted spigots so that hanging and open-ended items are always to hand, no need to buy special components.