ALTRIX is an all-aluminium temporary roofing and weather protection system, which utilises the slide sheet keder model. This allows the roof sheets to be installed from the supporting structure below, in complete safety. Using proven sliding button system to retain the sheet tracking, ALTRIX uses a heavy-duty 790mm deep structural beam ideal for demanding applications.

Although ALTRIX is designed to work particularly efficiently with PLETTAC METRIX System Scaffold, it is not limited to this application.

ALTRIX can be used in conjunction with almost any scaffold type.


  • ALTRIX is more than just a roofing system as the brace can be used to connect any 48.3mm diameter tube.
  • Can be used to set out standards, ensuring optimum locations to accommodate the roof above.
  • Sheet tracks can be fixed to the side of a scaffold to enable sidewall sheeting to be fixed, ideal for screens, temporary sheeting, etc.
  • ALTRIX is a complete solution designed for practical application.

Available exclusively from Altrad Plettac Mefran


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