Monopitch Solution built on TRAX

For ease of build and to suit the building contour, DESSA designed and supplied this monopitch solution to be built on its TRAX Tube Holder with Universal Castor Top Plate, which the user can easily integrate within their existing tube and fittings stock to ensure an efficient rolling roof solution, built from the safety of a gable end scaffold.

Supporting this roof (and a CI sheet monopitch roof) is a DESSA Asterix HD beam span of c.20m, which allowed the operatives to conduct their work on the building roof below.

Facts & Figures

System:               DESSA UNI Roof, Asterix HD

Span:                    18-R

Length:                 38.55m

Customer:            Apex Scaffolding

Location:              Cambridge, United Kingdom

Date:                      April 2017

Provision:             Design and Supply