The Asterix roof is a lightweight, modular temporary roofing system, utilising multi-purpose aluminium beams. The system is based around the Asterix aluminium beam and offers a competitive span versus cost ratio. This is strengthened further by the use of the tie bar system, ensuring some spans reach over 40m. The Asterix roof system can be erected by hand, crane or rolled out using the Trax UB runway system, eliminating the need for working at height.

Applications include freestanding shelters, temporary buildings, railways, building encapsulations, site protection, archaeological digs, rock concerts and events.


  • Mono or duo-pitch roof configurations.
  • Durable PVC sheeting firmly secured in Keder tracking.
  • Safe erection using roll-out method.
  • Split or staggered bays easily achieved.
  • Keder tracks slide into position, giving safe and quick assembly.
  • Unique alloy tracking spigot to improve joint stability between tracks.
  • 18 degree pitch, efficient water dispersal and no ponding.
  • Individual bays easily opened, allows access for craned materials.
  • Fits on any scaffolding product> maximum on-site flexibility and stock utilisation
  • Minimal number of different parts> simple logical assembly & easy stocking
  • Compact ridge beam> allows tailored roof profile and reduced scaffold mass