Altrix UK is an all-aluminium temporary roofing system purposely designed to ensure maximum utilisation and practical application. Features consistent nodal spacings ensuring neighbouring spans can be made up from different combinations of lengths an all-aluminium system with all parts optimised for stacking, storage and manual handling.


  • Fully modular roofing system in a range of sizes, will fit any project
  • Fits on any scaffold, maximum on-site flexibility and stock utilisation
  • Minimal number of different parts, simple logical assembly & easy stocking
  • Loose components eliminated, all parts click together without bolts
  • Lightweight, erect in situ or at height without the need for crane
  • Multi-purpose beams, can be used in any scaffolding application
  • Multi-purpose weatherproofing, can be used on any beam or on scaffold
  • Clear spans up to 40m and beam sizes from 0.5 to 6m, best fit for all applications
  • Mono or duo-pitch roof configurations
  • Durable PVC sheeting firmly secured in Keder tracking
  • Safe erection from below
  • Split or staggered bays easily achieved
  • Keder tracks slide into position, safe and quick assembly
  • Unique aluminium spigot between tracks
  • 18 degree pitch, efficient water dispersal and no ponding
  • Individual bays easily opened, allows access for craned materials

Available exclusively from TRAD Hire and Sales Ltd