DESSA were engaged to design a scheme for the bridge refurbishment works. Careful planning was required to ensure the Plettac Futuro scaffold could be installed around the bridge members, whilst providing a clear run for the DESSA sysTRAX to operate.
Three roofs of 60m lengths were then lifted in modules, by crane onto the sysTRAX. This gave the user a combined 180m of coverage that could be moved as necessary along a 350m long bridge. DESSA 450 alloy beams were installed below for form a mobile working platform for access.

Date: October 2019
Duration: 1 year
Customer: TD-S
Provision: Design and Supply
System: UNI Roof, sysTRAX, 450 alloy series
Span: 14m
Length: 3x60m
Build Method: Craned onto sysTRAX