The UNI Roof System provides versatile, temporary weather protection that can be erected quickly and safely

Available in a range of spans and bay sizes, the modular system is suitable for any project, and can be supported on any type of scaffold, maximising on-site flexibility.

The UNI Roof system consists of a light weight but robust frame of specialist Aluminium Beams and snap-on braces, covered with tensioned, weatherproof Keder sheeting. At less than 8kg per square metre, it’s the lightest temporary roofi ng solution on the market.

UNI Roof Aluminium Beams are universal in application, dramatically improving stock utilisation and UNI Roof can also be built using other types of beams, reducing capital investment.


  • Light weight system for easy assembly and disassembly
  • Increased moment capacity
  • Total compatibility with alternative systems
  • More user friendly than the existing / similar beam designs
  • Full traceability
  • Supported by both independent calculation and lab testing